vineri, 23 noiembrie 2012

O, remain

"O,ramai" varianta in Engleza. E pacat sa nu profite si altii de frumusetea poeziei romanesti.

O remain

                                   Mihai Eminescu

"O remain, dear one, I love you,
Stay with me in my fair land,
For your dreamings and your longings
Only I can understand.

You, who like a prince reclining

Over the pool with heaven starred;
You who gaze up from the water
With such earnest deep regard.

Stay, for where the lapping wavelets

Shake the tall and tasseled grass,
I will make you hear in secret
How the furtive chamois pass.

Oh, I see you wrapped in magic,

Hear your murmur low and sweet,
As you break the shallow water
With your slender naked feet;

See you thus amidst the ripples

Which the moon´s pale beams engage,
And your years seem but an instant,
And each instant seems an age."

Thus spoke the woods in soft entreaty;

Arching boughs above me bent,
But I whistled high, and laughing
Out into the open went.

Now though even I roamed that country

How could I its charm recall ...
Where has boyhood gone, I wonder,
With its pool and woods and all ?

(Translated from
Romanian by Corneliu M. Popescu)

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